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Descent returns! Experience the re-imagined original 6-degrees-of-freedom classic. Earth's resources are nearly depleted, its governments bankrupt. Mankind's last hope for survival lies in the deep pockets of greedy mega corporations and their self-regulated ''asteroid trade''. always looking for more ways to profit, this space mining competition has become a new form of entertainment - the underground games. Pit your skills against other pilots as you fight, harvest, and haul. Fly alongside allies and crush competing corps into insolvency. Earn a reputation. Your life depends on your value to your sponsors as you battle to stay atop the leader board and send money and supplies to loved ones back on Earth. Choose from over 4 classes across 20 ships, and customize them with nose, wing, skin, weapon, and other upgrades. Deep dive this immersive single-player campaign or prove yourself in 4 pulse pounding multi-player modes. Prepare for Descent.

- Descent returns! Journey back into the mines with the rebooted 90S classic, fully re-imagined in the Unreal 4 engine for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
- Experience 6-degrees-of-freedom as you explore twisting mazes and cavernous maps. Move, hide, and attack in every direction.
- Pick your class, customize your ship, dominate the match. Choose from over 4 classes, 20 ships, and kit them out with nose, wing, Skin, and other upgrades.
- Deep Dive through an immersive single-player campaign featuring over 15 missions of puzzles, side-quests, special rewards and epic boss battles.
- Prove yourself in Our cutting edge multi-player experience that features 4 pulse pounding modes from free-for-all to co-op.
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